Expert Areas

Inducon Nigeria Ltd offers a full spectrum of advisory services to corporate and government clients operating in Nigeria's upstream oil and gas sector.

Strategic consulting


We assist in discovering and delivering oil and gas growth opportunities through analysing worldwide trends and market studies in the oil, gas and energy sectors. 



Energy market analysis


We provide supply and demand analysis (including dynamic gas planning), Foreign investment optimization and license round strategy and promotion for governments and IOCs. 

Identify the trends, drivers and future energy market scenarios that directly affect your business..


Asset operations consulting

Prioritize quickly for investment opportunities (exploration, assets acquisitions, farm-ins) at a basin or play level. We empower you to consider the full range of value drivers, including subsurface resource potential and the full range of aboveground risks.


Bid Consulting

We assist in obtaining tender documents and submit bids/tenders in response to invitations to bids and enquiries plus negotiation of contractual terms and pricing structure for bids.

Capital Raise

​Every successful business requires three things; people, a plan and MONEY. The secret to Inducon's success in raising capital lies in our complete understanding of the subject matter and our determination to make a success of every assignment we take on.

Inducon has invested years in creating the most sought after database in the Nigeria's Oil & Gas industry. 

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